Answering The Questions You Have About 4 Point Inspections

Shopping for a home is a lengthy and exhausting process. When you’ve finally found one you like you don’t want to do anything that could mess that up. However, some homes that look great at a glance end up causing endless headaches. Insurance companies know this, and that’s why they often request 4 point inspections.

Here are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about 4 point inspections:

Who Needs A 4 Point Inspection?
There are a few situations where you would need a 4 point inspection:

  • When buying an older home
  • When renewing your homeowner’s insurance
  • When trying to negotiate better insurance rates

Insurance companies won’t always ask for the inspection but it’s often smart to get one even if they don’t. Doing so can help you get better rates on your insurance policy — in fact, in some cases, these inspections end up paying for themselves.

What Are The 4 Points?
A 4 point inspection covers the roofing, the HVAC, the electrical system, and the plumbing. These are the areas that result in the most claims, so that’s what insurance carriers want to see.

Can It Substitute For A Full Inspection?
The short answer is no. You need both. Both 4 point inspections and full home inspections play an important role in the home buying process. A 4 point inspection will provide insurance companies with the information they need to make sound decisions regarding your homeowner’s insurance.

The inspection report will be tailored towards the information they want to see, which may not always coincide with the information you need to make a decision about whether or not to purchase a house.

Should I Be Present For The Inspection?
The inspection report is primarily for the benefit of the insurance company, so it’s less important for you to attend 4 point inspections. Still, if you have the time and don’t mind, you may end up learning a lot about the home that you wouldn’t know otherwise. Being present will also help if you need to do any negotiating based on the inspection report.

Is The Inspection Pass/Fail?
Not necessarily, but there are a few things that may disqualify you from getting homeowners insurance. What these issues are will vary from provider to provider, as they each have different standards. Just as an example, many insurance providers won’t insure homes with the following issues:

  • Old roofs
  • Faulty wiring
  • Certain types of electrical panels
  • Lack of central air

If your insurance company does decline to issue a policy based on an issue found during the inspection you have a few options. You could perform the necessary repairs, try with another provider, or decline to purchase the home.

When an insurer declines to insure a home it’s usually for a good reason, so it’s best to deal with the problem head-on. In many cases, you can get the seller to work the necessary repairs into your contract.

At Super Inspection Pros our licensed inspectors have years experience performing efficient 4 point inspections. Our knowledge of what different insurance carriers look for allows us to tailor our inspection report to get you the best possible results. Please, contact us today to learn more about our inspection process or to schedule an inspection of your home.

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