6 Useful Home Inspection Tips For The Prospective Florida Home Buyer

For the most part, getting a home inspection is a hands-off process for the buyer. You choose a local home inspection team – potentially, one recommended by your real estate agent – set a date for the inspection, and simply wait for the report to come back.
But there are steps you can take to get more value from an inspection and protect your interests. After all, the inspection is all about value: It tells you if there are major repairs or other issues you need to be aware of before you move forward on a home buy.

Here’s how to ensure your inspection goes off without a hitch:

1. Write Down Any Symptoms You Notice
You might start noticing signs of problems with a home from the very first time you set foot in it. The best way to verify your hunches is to make sure your home inspector takes a close look. What seems like a small matter can turn out to be a big one and vice versa. Whenever you walk through a home, take a few quick notes on anything that seems worrisome.

2. Schedule The Inspection Early
It’s a good idea to schedule the inspection as early as possible. Here at Super Inspection Pros, we provide you with 24-hour turnaround on all of your inspections. Still, you need time to review the inspection report and get opinions from others if necessary. Scheduling in advance also helps you avoid heavy rain and other factors that can make inspecting more difficult.

3. Verify Attic Access Beforehand
Your home inspector’s job is to look at every nook and cranny. You may be surprised just how hard an inspector works to get into every inch of the structure. Still, occupational rules mean the inspector can’t move things around or do anything risky. Check with your seller to ensure there’s a clear way up to the attic, one area that often gets overlooked due to lack of access. Locked utility rooms should be unlocked, too.

4. Talk To Your Real Estate Agent
Discuss your plans with your real estate agent as soon as you can. It is a good idea to hash out what you are expecting and what you won’t tolerate. Serious electrical and plumbing woes are deal-breakers for many buyers. When you set expectations up front, it is much easier to act on them later – especially if the inspection report has bad news.

5. Review Your Inspection Report In Detail
Your home inspector will provide a full report. It includes insights on all the rooms and systems of the home. When a problem is found, it is described precisely. Most issues will also come with photographs. It’s crucial to read the inspection report in detail and pinpoint any areas of concern. This can give you greater negotiating clout with your seller.

6. Make An Informed Decision On A Home
Many inspections result in mixed news. It’s rare for a home more than 30 years old to have a completely flawless report. Consider what has to be addressed and get a repair estimate from a contractor. With estimates in hand, you can go back to the negotiating table, talk to your lender, or make the choice to keep looking for a home that suits you better.

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