5 Overlooked Home Maintenance Tips That You Need To Know

Sometimes it really pays to go the extra mile. In the case of home maintenance, it can help you avoid expensive repair bills down the line and keep you safe from harm. Here are five often overlooked home maintenance tips that could save your wallet — or your life.

1. Clean Your Dryer Vents
We’re not talking about the lint tray that you should be cleaning out every time you dry clothes. The dryer vent is the fixture that actually carries the warm air out of the dryer and your home. This too can become clogged up with lint or debris, becoming a major fire hazard. You should be removing this vent (it comes off easily) and cleaning it and the area around it every few months.

2. Replace The Batteries In Your Smoke Alarms/CO Detectors
First off, if you don’t have CO detectors installed, you should get them. They can absolutely save your life. Once you have smoke alarms and CO detectors installed, you shouldn’t forget about regular maintenance. You don’t need to do much. You just need to test them every few months and install fresh batteries. It’s something that only takes a few minutes, but it can make a huge difference should a fire or gas leak occur in your home.

3. Run Water Through Your Fixtures Regularly
Depending on how big your house is certain rooms may not get a lot of use. Guest bathrooms are a great example of this. When the fixtures in your guest bathroom are allowed to sit unused, dirt and grime can build up in the pipes. To avoid this you should regularly run water through them. You don’t have to do it for very long nor do you have to do it often — every few months should suffice — they just need to see a little use.

4. Clean Your Refrigerator Coils
You probably haven’t seen the back of your fridge since you first bought it, but there’s some pretty important stuff back there. Perhaps the most important piece of your fridge is the coils. These coils are what cool your refrigerator down and like anything else they can get dirty. Cleaning them regularly will ensure that your fridge is running at maximum efficiency, hopefully cutting down on your utility bills and extending its lifespan as well.

5. Check The Filters In Your HVAC
Your HVAC has a tough job — especially if you live in an area with a lot of air pollution. In order to do its job properly, it needs clean air filters. You should check on these air filters every few months and change them out if necessary. You don’t need to be an HVAC pro to change your filters. It’s an easy DIY job that can extend the lifespan of your HVAC and help you avoid costly repairs down the line.

These tips are all DIY friendly and they don’t require much time, but they can have a big impact on both your utility bills and the overall safety of your home. With that said, there’s only so much that you can really do yourself. Please, contact us today at Super Inspection Pros. for more information on our home inspection process or to schedule an inspection.

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