5 Major Problems You May Discover During A 4 Point Inspection

Buying a home is hard work. Even when you finally find a house you like, the process is just beginning. One of the first things you’ll need to do is get a 4 point inspection. Typically, you get a 4 point inspection at the request of your homeowner’s insurance company. They want to know a few key facts about a home in order to ensure that they aren’t taking on too much liability.
This doesn’t mean that they’re looking for a flawless house, they just want to avoid certain issues. Issues that are likely to result in costly insurance claims. Here are 5 of the biggest problems that you might find during a 4 point inspection.

1. A Damaged Roof
The roof protects your home from wind, snow, rain, and debris. When it isn’t doing its job properly, all sorts of things can go wrong from water damage to mold to the entire roof blowing off during a windstorm. Note that this category also includes older roofs. Insurance companies want to see that a roof has at least a few years of life left in it.

2. Exposed Wiring
You’d be surprised at how many older homes have exposed or damaged wiring. Typically, this is due to amateur repair jobs or a previous owner neglecting to maintain the electrical system at all. Either way, it can greatly increase the risk of fire so insurance companies don’t want to see it and neither should you.

3. Lack Of Dedicated HVAC
Not having permanently installed HVAC is another thing that can increase the risk of fire. Temporary solutions include portable heaters, window mounted A/C units, and fireplaces. These things are okay in a pinch to heat a single room, but when used to heat an entire home they are a major fire hazard.

4. An Aging Water Heater
Water heaters have a shelf life — albeit a long one. As a water heater approaches the end of its useful life it becomes a risk to the integrity of a home. An old water heater can leak, start fires, and even explode if you’re really unlucky. They’re your insurance companies worst nightmare.

5. Leaky Plumbing
Water damage isn’t necessarily a risk to health, but it can result in some pretty costly claims. It can go unchecked for months or even years when the source is hidden behind walls or under floors. That’s why insurance companies want to see the plumbing in good condition.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it covers some of the most concerning problems from an insurer’s point of view. Should any of these issues arise during your 4 point inspection you’ll need to repair them right away. Not only can they make it more difficult to get insurance, they can also render a house unsafe to live in. In some cases, it may make more sense to just move on and continue your search for a home. Either way, it’s better to uncover these issues early in the process. Otherwise, you may get stuck with an unsafe home that you have to foot the bill to fix.

More and more insurance companies are requiring 4 point inspections before they issue homeowner’s insurance. For more information about our inspection process or to schedule an inspection of your home simply contact us at Super Inspection Pros today.

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