5 Home Maintenance Ideas To Improve Your Home This Spring

Spring is almost here to refresh the landscape. Millions of homeowners around the country will be giving mother nature a helping hand by refreshing their own personal landscapes with some spring cleaning and home maintenance.
Here are 5 spring maintenance ideas that you can use to give your home new life this year:

1. Do Some Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is as much of a holiday as Easter for some people. You don’t have to go overboard with it and completely redesign your house though. Simply opening a few windows and wiping down your dusty furniture can lead to a more pleasant living environment. Spring is also a great time to clean out your attic if you have one. The temperature is relatively mild so it won’t be as unpleasant an experience as during the middle of summer. This is also the perfect time to look over your insulation and HVAC ductwork to see if there’s any obvious damage that will require repair.

2. Try Your Hand At Landscaping
Branches tend to die during the Winter months. Not only is this unsightly it can also be dangerous. Dead branches can become projectiles in high wind events like Hurricanes, so the sooner you prune them the better. Don’t forget your bushes either. Trimming bushes will make them look better and grow better, and it gives you the opportunity to ensure that none of the landscaping directly surrounding your home has gotten out of control. Make sure your HVAC unit, well pump, electric and water meters, the exterior of your home, and any other areas surrounded by plants haven’t become overgrown with bushes or vines that could limit access.

3. Take A Look At Your HVAC
HVACs can work a little harder during the winter, and once summer rolls around they’ll be right back to working overtime. That’s why spring is a great season to do some preventative HVAC maintenance. You can start by checking the filters. HVAC filters should be changed at least once every few months, maybe more depending on the air quality in your area. Cleaning leaves and other debris out of the main cabinet is another thing you can easily do yourself. Your family (and your wallet) will thank you for getting the HVAC back to 100% before summer rolls around.

4. Touch-up Your Paint
The elements take their toll over the course of a year. No one wants to get out there and do some painting in the dead of winter, even in sunny Florida, but Spring is a great time to refresh your old weathered paint. It’s not just an aesthetic matter either. A fresh coat of paint can actually provide better resistance against the elements. It even shields your home from moisture and insects.

5. Hurricane-proof Your Home
Spring means a lot of things. Warmer weather, sunshine, and spring holidays like Easter just to name a few. In a hurricane-prone area like Florida it also means the rapid approach of hurricane season in June. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a jump on preparing your home. Assess your windows and other openings and install some storm-proof shutters or window coverings if necessary. Start planning for hurricane readiness supplies now so that you aren’t caught unprepared when a storm system rolls in. Getting a wind mitigation inspection wouldn’t hurt either. Wind mitigation inspections can pinpoint the weaknesses of your home and even save you some money on your insurance.

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