5 Desirable Features For Your Next Pro Home Inspection

There are many good reasons to order a professional home inspection done in the state of Florida. For example, you may be getting ready to buy a house, list your home, make some safety upgrades, or just try to score lower home insurance rates.

But how do you go about selecting the best home inspection company? What are the most important features to look for in the home inspection and in the inspectors themselves?

Here are the top five features you want to be true of your next home inspection to get the greatest value for your dollar?

1. Quick Response & 24-hour Turnaround

When it comes to home inspections, speed is often a major factor. If you don’t realize you will need a home inspection weeks or months in advance, then you have to be able to get a quick response from your inspection company.

If you are a home shopper, you won’t know which piece of property you want to be inspected until you suddenly come across it – and then you will want the inspection to be done rather promptly.

Another thing is that it can be stressful waiting on the results of the inspection since so much may be riding on them. And other parties involved, like the seller, the mortgage company, or the home insurer may also expect fast turnaround. That’s why it’s a big plus to depend on an inspector who can get the job done in 24 hours or less.

2. Detailed, Thorough Reports

The next thing to look for in an inspection company is thoroughness. You want a fairly detailed report that will satisfy your needs and calm any concerns the bank or insurer may have about a piece of property.

The level of detail and the nature of the content of the report will vary, of course, depending on which type of home inspection you order. A basic 4-point inspection, required by most home insurance companies, looks only at the home’s four major systems: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roofing.

A comprehensive home inspection, on the other hand, will dig down deeper and be more broadly based. And a wind mitigation report will focus only on those aspects of the building that impact its ability to stand up against high winds.

But whatever the nature of the inspection, you want it done correctly to the desired level of detail in the pertinent area. Trained, licensed, and experienced home inspectors are your best bet to see that happen.

3. Competitive Pricing

There’s no reason why a home inspection should cost a lot of money – and they don’t 

Most professional inspection companies in Florida offer very competitive rates. Most types of home inspection cost only between, say, $50 and $100.

It depends on the situation what exactly the price tag is going to be, but do a little comparison shopping to make sure you are getting a fair, affordable rate.

4. Honest, Unbiased Inspectors

No one ordering a home inspection is looking for a “yes-man” kind of approach. You don’t want to hear what you want to hear – you want to hear the truth. You need to know the real condition of the property in question, point by point.

The inspector is not on the side of the home seller or the home buyer, nor on the side of the insurance company. He or she should be committed to simply giving an unbiased report.

In the end, this is better for everyone. When buying a home, you want to know what may be wrong with it so you can make the necessary repairs or upgrades later on. Even “bad news,” then, can ultimately be “useful.”

5. Up-to-date Tech & Methods

Finally, it should be mentioned that you want to choose a home inspection company that utilizes the most up-to-date technology.

For example, you may want an infrared inspection done, where the inspector can “see” through walls and ceilings into otherwise hard-to-access nooks and crannies. And there are also special tools and methods used for WDO (wood-destroying organism) inspections and every other variety of home inspection. 

Bottom line – a company that is up-to-date technologically can get the job done better and faster while still keeping it affordable.

The last thing you want to do is to wish you had got a professional home inspection done and then discover a major problem with the piece of property you just purchased.

But you also have to think about getting the right kind of inspection done by choosing the right home inspector – one that can fulfill the above-listed 5 criteria and more to leave you a fully satisfied customer.

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