5 Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

We often get customers wondering what the most common problems found during home inspections are, especially those who are in the process of buying a home. Should they be worried about their inspection? Is it going to uncover some major issue that will derail the whole deal? It’s easy to get attached to a home, even before you buy it, but not knowing about potential issues is always worse than knowing. Here are 5 common problems found during home inspections.
1. Faulty Electrical System
The state of the electrical system usually depends on how old the house is. A brand new house is less likely to have issues whereas an older house can have quite a few. In fact, there are many electrical panels that have been proven to be unsafe that are still found in these older homes. Whether your home is likely to have these issues or not, it’s still worth checking for them as the consequences of a faulty electrical system can be quite severe.

2. Grading And Drainage Issues
A “grade” is simply another way of saying slope. Grading issues arise when the soil around your home isn’t properly sloped away from the foundation. In most cases this leads to water pooling around, or even flowing back towards, the foundation. If allowed to sit like this for too long the water can permanently damage the foundation. In homes that have a basement, this water can seep in, causing all sorts of issues including mold.

3. Mold
Speaking of mold, mold is often found in the basement and other dark, secluded areas. Not all mold is immediately dangerous to your health, but it can quickly spread and cause damage to walls and roofs that make the home uninhabitable. A simple walkthrough of the house is generally not enough to spot mold issues, as it likes to hide behind the walls and in the roofs. With infrared technology used in home inspections, you can get a glimpse into unseen places and sometimes spot this insidious mold.

4. Poor Ventilation
No one wants to live in a stuffy home. Poor ventilation can also lead to higher utility bills as your HVAC has to work that much harder to create a comfortable environment. These issues can be caused by damaged insulation, issues with the roofing, or improperly sealed doors and windows. Whatever the cause is, it’s definitely something you’ll want to fix before you move in.

5. Damaged Shingles
Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. That means it’s also particularly prone to damage. It’s difficult to get up close and personal with the roof, especially if it’s a home with multiple stories, but it’s something that needs to be done eventually. A keen-eyed home inspector can often spot damaged shingles and similar issues from the ground and point you in the right direction towards fixing them.

A home inspection can reveal a host of issues with a home. Some of them are minor nitpicks. Some of them are a big deal. In either case, knowing is much better than not knowing. That’s why it’s always recommended that you perform an independent home inspection for any prospective home purchase.

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