3 Ways To Ensure Your Roof Is Well Maintained

As you’ll soon discover, home ownership involves spending a lot of time on maintenance. More things require regular maintenance than you probably imagined, and your roof is no exception. Here are three things you can do before and after purchasing your home to keep your roof in good shape.
1. Get an inspection.
One of the most important things you can do prior to buying your home is to invest in a quality home inspection. A good inspector will take a close look at your roof and give you a heads up as to any potential issues. Obviously they can’t inspect the roof very well from the ground, so if your inspector doesn’t get up on the roof you should probably suggest they do so. Inspecting the roof, as well as areas around chimneys and skylights, will help you avoid any issues resulting from missing nails or inadequate seals which will allow water to penetrate the roof. If they perform a wind mitigation inspection, they can also tell you how well your roof would hold up in a storm and if they are any improvements that could be made.

2. Keep your roof clean.
Once you’re settled in, it’s important that you keep your roof clean of leaves and debris, which can harbour moisture and damage your roof. Don’t allow the leaves and moss that fall on your roof to stay there indefinitely. You should make it a habit to clean off your roof regularly, which can be done simply with the use of a leaf blower. Never do this when you’re alone however, as the risk of falling should be taken seriously. Always have someone available to hold the ladder and keep an eye on you while you’re up on the roof. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, many landscaping companies are frequently willing to do this as part of your regular lawn maintenance.

3. Address issues as they occur.
If you ever notice any damage while on the roof it’s important that you address it immediately. Loose shingles, missing nails, and failing seals around chimneys and skylights can allow moisture to damage your roof. Don’t wait until a leak shows itself visibly inside your home to start looking for entry points, as by the time this happens the leak has likely existed for quite a while. Think about it. Once leaks show themselves within your home, water has already penetrated all of your roofing material, through your attic and insulation, and into the ceiling of your home. This is why it’s important to look your roof over from time to time.

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